A Terrible Week

A Terrible Week


Studio: Girls Boarding School


Starring: Michael and Simone


Approximate Running Time: 14.48 minutes



This movie has the lot.


If you are into schoolgirl spanking, with a great OTK session, the leather belt on a lovely bare bottom and the cane striping that sore red bottom – you’re in for a treat.


Simone is the typical naughty school girl.


She has been sent to see Michael – who is the chief spanker at Girls Boarding School. This is the third time this week and Michael decides there and then that he is going to have to punish her so severely she won’t be sent back to him for a fourth time.


Trying to wheedle her way out of trouble, she resorts to lying and cajoling him; but Michael is having none of it.


She receives the caning Michael believes she deserves.


Then with a burning bottom, she is sent to kneel on a chair with her hands on her head – and any rubbing of her poor ill treated cheeks is strictly forbidden.



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